funkydance is all about fun, dance, exercise, performance and bringing people with a common interest together.  funkydance has something for everyone as the testimonials below illustrate:     funky kids    funky ladies    funky ladies



"I waited for 10 years to find a class like Tara's. I saw her teaching my daughter and loved her style. I asked her if she would consider teaching adults and soon she did. 1 class grew to 7 and I used to do 5 of them. Its helped keep me fit and healthy. I love dancing with my teenage daughter. I've made great friends. I plan to continue until I'm carried out on a stretcher. I love it just as much as I did three years ago. Tara is not just my dance teacher. She has become a caring friend. Long may she continue!"

"I started Funky Dance in September 2005 hoping to get fit and lose some weight. Two months later I appeared in the first Funky Dance Show and six months later I had lost two stones! The rest as they say is 'history'!! Funky Dance is so enjoyable. It's not just the fantastic choreography, it's the whole atmosphere that Tara has created. We laugh and have fun all the time. I love learning new routines and preparing for the Funky Dance Shows. I've made so many new friends, it's like being part of another family!"

"Tara's Funky Dance classes have given me the confidence to dance on stage. Tara is a fantastic dancer and makes up really good dance routines. I love going to her classes because they are always funky fun! "
Fay (13)

"Tara has made me feel more confident at dancing and I have performed in shows in front of 400 people. Her dances have got really funky moves. She is fun and beautiful and I really enjoy Funky Dance class."
Lydia, (10)

"Tara is a fantastic and supportive teacher and friend. Her classes are always great fun and an excellent way of keeping fit! She choreographs fantastic routines to funky and current music. The funky dance shows are always great fun and give you a goal to work towards. There is a wonderful atmosphere within the dance classes and everyone is welcomed whatever their ability. Tara's funky dance classes are a great way to build confidence and a fun way to stay in shape."
Sarah (24)

"Just wanted to let you know that I think your dance classes are fab! Both the children's and adults classes are amazing!! I've been coming for years now and it feels like forever. You and your funky moves are great. Keep up the good work. Never stop dancing!"
Anjelica (14)

"I haven't been at funky dance for long but I feel like I've been here for a while. You are welcomed with open arms and dance to the latest tunes. Tara makes sure that you understand everything and are 100% happy. I recommend it to you. Thanks Tara."
Alana (13)

"Despite being one of the older members of the class I have never felt out of place. All of the girls are very friendly and Tara makes you fell equally welcomed and valued. The workout from dancing is excellent - it beats the treadmill at the gym any day".

"Thanks to Tara I'm so much better off now. Tara has helped me with so much from being a better dancer to helping me get into a really good dance college. Funky dance has changed my life and I never intend on leaving. Funky dance is great exercise with great music. Tara is the best dance teacher you could ever want and we all love her!"

"It's the most inspiring class I have ever been to. Lots of fun, great workout. I look forward to every class. Tara is a very professional teacher - she knows how to get people going!"

"I can't remember what I spent my time doing before funky dance! The shows are great and I've made some special friends. Tara is an inspirational choreographer, teacher and a friend to us all!"

"I absolutely love funky dance! It's cool thanks to Tara!"
Romy (10)

"Tara is the best dance teacher in the world! Ever since I joined it has been fantastic."
Emily (10)

"Where would I be without funky dance - bored and unfit! Lovely teacher, friends and music!"

"Tara, I love your dance classes, they are brilliant and the dance moves are really funky... I love the adult classes as well and can't wait to learn new dances and I love the music."
Maria (13)

"My best thing about funky dance is that Tara makes up so many cool routines for us to learn and we get to perform them in the show."
Rebecca (7)

"Dear Tara, you're the very best dance teacher ever and I love you because you're very kind."

"My favourite thing about funky dance is that we get to play games as well as learn dance routines. Tara does really good moves in all the dances and she's very nice and she's the best funky dancer in the world that I've seen so far."
Niamh (7)

"To the best best best dance teacher ever! You are the best! No other dance teacher can replace you, I love you very much! Lots and lots of love."
Nichol (11)

"I started dance last Jan and l must say its one of the best commitments i have made and its all thanks to our great teacher Tara who makes this so much fun and at the same time so challenging. Not only does she inspire us but she has also become a very good friend. I've known tara for the last 6 years where she has also been teaching my daughter who loves dancing too. She has managed to give us a lot of confidence too. Want to say on on big thank you to her and tell her she is greatly missed at the moment while been busy with baby tiger storm."

"Tara is a brilliant teacher and very kind. She makes everyone feel happy and energetic. She is a lovely lady."
Artemis (10)

"Tara you are a brilliant teacher. I have learnt a lot from all of these funky years I've had with you. You are the best dance teacher in the world."
Rhianna (10)

"My favourite dance so far was to Umbrella. I love all the cool games as well as learning all the funky dance routines. I like getting stickers when we have worked really hard."
Emilia (6)

"Funky dance is a great way to keep fit and it keeps me feeling young. And I've lost weight!!"

"Where else can you dance on a Monday night? Great music, lovely people and a super teacher. Love it, Love it, Love it!"

"What's great about Tara's Funky Dance...Tara's dances are always creative, she's always upbeat, enthusiastic and encouraging. Each dance is unique and the music is lively and fun, you can't help but give the class all you've got!! The blend of people makes for an environment that's always welcoming to all. Fantastic moves, excellent teacher and a brilliant group of ladies...I Love it!"

"After stopping dance classes after 15 years I felt I needed to start again. I found funkydance and love it! Great routines, fab teacher - very inspirational! "

"Funky dance is great fun and a great way to keep fit. Tara is a great teacher and the classes are definitely addictive!!"
Helena & Charlotte

"Being part of Funky Dance is great. It is enjoyable, good excercise and Tara makes you feel very welcome within the class. The music is great and we are always learning new moves"

"I have two left feet and thanks to Tara I can dance! Her classes are addictive becasues the dances are energetic
and fun. I have met some great frends; including Tara who is more a friend than a teacher."

Maria L

"Great classes, great music, great fun and most importantly a great teacher! Can't believe it took me
so many years to find such a class - and now I can't imagine ever stopping"